Summer is here (almost)

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Follow up

I was going to write about the Ents coming to my house, but I'm too tired to write anything particularly amusing.

However: here is the cartoon I promised.
When I get Monkey's version, I'll post that too, but it probably won't be until sometime in June.


It Runs in the Family

I wrote a post a few weeks ago called "Copyright Infringement," and yesterday I found that MonkeyMcMiro has appropriated an as-yet unpublished cartoon for a project on recycling (seriously: no rim-shot required).
I will post it as soon as I am able to find the original and scan it; hopefully I will also be able to post Monkey's version.

Until then, you'll have to settle for a Biblically-themed cartoon.
(I find it quite amusing that spell-check wants to replace "biblically" with "barbarically").



It's the last Friday (or as we Quakers call it, "Frigga's Day," after the Norse goddess most closely related to Venus [Friday: OE. frgedæg, corr. to MLG., MDu. vrdach (Du. vrijdag), OHG. fratag (G. freitag); i.e. DAY of Frg = ON. Frigg name of the wife of Odin, prop. sb. use of fem. of Gmc. *frjaz noble, FREE; WGmc. tr. of late L. Veneris dies day of Venus, from The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology]).
Hopefully not the very last Friday, but the last Friday of this semseter. I've gotten almost all of my work done, and I'm not terribly motivated to get going on the last little bit (although I suppose I should at least check my deadlines).
So I guess I'll sit and enjoy a cup of tea this afternoon. Remember: don't let it brew too long!


Kant's "stocking-suspenders"

From Thomas de Quincey, "The Last Days of Immanuel Kant":

"...for fear of obstructing the circulation of the blood, he never would wear garters; yet, as he found it difficult to keep up his stockings without them, he had invented for himself a most elaborate substitute, which I will describe. In a little pocket, somewhat smaller than a watch-pocket, but occupying pretty nearly the same situation as a watch pocket on each thigh, there was placed a small box, something like a watch-case, but smaller; into this box was introduced a watch-spring in a wheel, round about which wheel was wound an elastic cord, for regulating the force of which there was a separate contrivance. To the two ends of this cord were attached hooks, which hooks were carried through a small apeture in the pockets, and so, passing down the inner and outer side of the thigh, caught hold of two loops which were fixed on the off side and the near side of each stocking."

If I wore socks, I would have to have something like this!

And, a belated Happy May Day!