Monkey McMiro

So, I finally got to see the fan art, and spend some time with the fan-artist. I've had a good time here in Virginia, but it never lasts long enough. However, it will also be good to head back home.
I think Monkey's version is actually better than mine.



I am enjoying my new inks, and Mai's hair is finally coming into its true glory.

Funny how doing things with one's own two hands (rather than digitally) can be so satisfying (if a bit messy).



I have an essay due tomorrow, and a conference which starts this afternoon. Which pretty much means I need to finish the essay... well, now. And yet somehow I can't quite get started.

The conference should be good, but of course what I really want to be doing is writing my book.

Or visiting the Portland International Rose Test Garden. (More photos here; read about gardens in Portland here, which includes links to some other favorites of mine which I've linked in the past.)
Or really, anything but finish this essay.
And now it seems to be time for lunch.



The friend who inspired this cartoon came over for dinner last night... it's nice to have friends that don't think all my cartoons are funny. Particularly if they don't mind me drawing more cartoons about them.
She also doesn't read blogs, but she does
enjoy good Indian food (not to be confused with "Indiana food," which, as a Hoosier, she probably also enjoys, but which I don't cook).

Completely unrelated: If you hear Herbie Hancock's Head Hunters and Miles Davis' On the Corner rumbling out of a Quaker-grey car somewhere in the Midwest (and possibly coming to a town near you!), that's probably me.
I realize that, musically, I'm behind the times, but what else is new?