Humid evening

I was trying to work at home this evening, but it's just too humid (and the fans are blowing my papers around).
The flip side is, of course, that I almost never get any work done in the computer lab.

I'm frustrated by people's inability to distinguish between fatalism and determinism (which is a separate rant from faulty defenses of "free will").

Hm. If that's what I'm thinking about blogging about, I guess it's time to get back to work.


Rodent Cartoons

Here are some cartoons, with a rodent theme, for some reason. Most of my cartoons don't have rodents in them.


Friday evening

I'm restless this evening, when I should be crouching down on my living room floor, looking at bits of my manuscript.

Maybe tomorrow.


Busy Summer

This has been a pretty darn eventful summer so far... and it's only mid-July. It's been pretty good, though. If I get the manuscript finished on time, it might just be the best summer ever.

Credit to Monkey McMiro for the headline in the second cartoon; it wasn't actually in the Times Picayune, but I thought it was appropriate since Monkey was born in the Big Easy.



The past few Sunday mornings I've sat listening to sermons that I've wanted to comment on... it's difficult to sit still when people are spouting factual errors (e.g., "He climbed up a tree where the bear couldn't get him," as if bears weren't better tree-climbers than people)... but I think it's better to pray for patience.

At least I'm not drawing cartoons during the service.

FYI: the cartoon at the bottom is about Matt and Michelle Z., not Jeff and Tonda.