More Cartoons

I don't have much to say today (well, that's not really true--I always have something to say, but today I don't have the time to write a bunch, at least not on my blog), so here are some cartoons. The first and second are loosely related: the character "Nobody" was inspired by the Odysseus' encounter with the Cyclops.

I've been told that Monkey McMiro has a character of the same name, but I haven't seen him yet.


Just cartoons

I haven't updated in a while, and today isn't the day for deep thought... so here are some cartoons.
Have a good weekend!


Plato sucks.

I've come to that time in the semester where even the students should be able to recognize my impatience with Plato. Not necessarily with Socrates mind you, and I spend way too much time in class explaining exactly what that means, particularly when we're not reading the Republic. I'm so tired of Plato that now I'm eager to get to Kant; that will give some of you an indication of exactly how tired I am.

The rest of you will just have to take my word for it: Kant is boring. I found this quote online about Kant, the notoriously dull and predictable citizen of Königsberg:

"Legend has it that he interrupted his routine only twice: once when he was so excited by reading Rousseau’s Emile that he could not bring himself to leave his house, and once when he paused during his walk, during a summer’s day in 1789, to read a newspaper billboard which announced that there had been a revolution in France."

Imagine that: the hausfraus of Königsberg couldn't set their clocks because of a revolution on the other side of the continent. Oy!


In case you haven't heard...

The manuscript is in London. Further updates to follow as I hear anything.

I still haven't really caught up on my sleep, though: now I need to catch up on everything I let go over the past few weeks. Or, in the case of the office floor, months.
(If this were a cartoon, Mai would be asking, "What office floor?")