Mai on Parade

It's Saturday night, and although I got to talk to my friend Steve, I haven't been as productive as I would have liked tonight.
So I'm sleepy and a bit cranky. And to top it off, I don't really have much to say.
So I thought I would post a bunch of cartoons featuring Mai. I'm always surprised by her evolution, even over the past few months.


Doug, get back to work!

This is a public service announcement.
You should probably get back to work, too!


Common Meal at ESR

Today's topics at Common Meal were the conversion of narrative evaluations to letter grades, and the consideration of the effectiveness of having different emphases within the MDiv program. These cartoons reflect those conversations.

I'm sure that none of our illustrious professors would actually use a dartboard to determine a grade (although it's already been confirmed by the Associate Dean that the process isn't a whole lot better than this).
I say, if the narrative evaluations want to stay heathens and burn in hell forever, they should have that right. I'm not much on conversion.

The second cartoon reflects the call for an emphasis on "Humanism and..." well, quite frankly I stopped listening. I think it was, "Humanism and comparative religions," or something like that. I was reminded of a typo I had made earlier in the week, which is reflected in the cartoon. The Dean's response was to note that the discussion was turning into more of a Christmas wish list; hence the other suggestion for a new emphasis.
And Earlham has stables, so the infrastructure cost wouldn't be as much as you might think.


I like to draw cartoons...

and I guess it's okay if the government wants to read them.


Fastest Post Ever!

Usually I draw cartoons in my notebook, take them home and let them ripen for a few weeks, then eventually (sometimes months later) transfer them into a different book, bring them back to school and scan them, at which point they cue up to be posted.
In honor of Matt's flu, however, I'm posting a cartoon from today's class, which concluded just over an hour ago.


Inveterate (adj.)

I've taken drawing cartoons in class to a new level: it's one thing to draw them as a student, quite another to draw them as the teacher.

(thanks to William for the photo!)