Legislating Hypocrisy

Call me cranky, but I think the Bureau of Motor Vehicles ought to check the MPG on vehicles before issuing "Environmental" plates.
Of course, there would be a certain hypocrisy for the legislature to try to legislate against hypocrisy...


Just a quick stop before I leave again!

Nothing too heavy, just letting you know I'm still around. Somewhere.


Cheery thoughts!

I'll be gone for the next week, so here are some cartoons for you viewing pleasure!
(Extra credit for anyone who correctly identifies the inspiration for this particular set of drawings.)


Mond... oops, Tuesday

Time flies when you're having fun.
But it really drags if you forget to bring a book.


The Apocalypse of Job

Wonder what Liberal Quakers really think about community?
Come hear my last sermon in Quigg tomorrow at 11:20!