Zeno of Richmond

Rarely have I heard discipleship described in terms that made me think of Pre-Socratic philosophers...
Good job, Brian!

It is finished

Well, sort of.



sometimes blends into real life.


Guess what I can see from here?

just cartoons...

As I mentioned yesterday at Common Meal, I'll miss having an audience who understands my cartoons.

At least some of my cartoons.


Swan Song

Not much to say today, except I'm just about ready to be done for the semester.

Late addition: Props to B'Yo! for reviving the haiku!
I hope some of them make it onto the PKW!


How to Avoid Earthquakes

Sorry, I don't really have any useful advice there: I would have thought living in Indiana would have been sufficient.


Another sunny day

Every once in awhile I like being in Indiana. Like today.


Sunny Wednesday

In belated honor of Julie's birthday, here's a cartoon based on a joke that I stole from her.

Happy belated birthday!



The forecast on the radio this morning called for snow... I think that's silly. Don't they know it's April?
Seriously, I'm looking forward to moving.
April should be kite-flying weather... unless you're too busy reading Kant.


More from Spring Break

Stolen from Woody Guthrie, but based on a true occurrence just a few weeks ago.

Although the fellow in the pickup truck didn't have to tell me what the sign actually said; his tone of voice as he asked, "Can I help you?" said enough.


The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is like a parable.

It is familiar, but strange.

It is present to hand, and yet we have trouble grasping it.

We know the pieces, but we cannot comprehend the whole.

We ask for something simple, digestible, perhaps propositional.

Yet these are precisely the qualities which allow us to set something aside and disregard it.

The short narratives which point beyond themselves aren't simply to be memorized or admired, but ruminated upon, not merely recited but interpreted for each generation.

The Kingdom of God is like a parable, which is in one sense given yet demands the participation of all who would partake.


The Hand of God

Someone asked yesterday about being touched by the Spirit...


April Second

T.S. Eliot wrote, "April is the cruellest month," and in the past I've been tempted to agree with him.
This year, however, seems to be going better.


April First

I don't have anything profound to say today--as opposed to every other time I post, sorry to disappoint!--but I thought I'd share this particular image from Spring Break with you before I head off in yet another direction later this week.