"Writing the Events of a Winter Day"

This year the first month,
the days aren’t warm;
When cold hits the village
what do people do?

Hearing a woodpecker –
Is a monk at the door
Crossed with snow,
The pine tint deepens;
Carrying ice,
A creek crashes harsh.

I chant a poem
And turn to silent sitting:
too lazy to answer
The kid’s question.
- Wei Ye
(A Drifting Boat, trans Paul Hansen)


Stuff White People Like

This may have been said somewhere else already, but among the stuff white people like is self-referential humor that acknowledges their whiteness but fails to actually break through their insularity.


Cold Tuesday

It's funny how quickly a person can go from being happy that the temperature is above zero (and certainly much warmer than -10), to realizing how cold 14 degrees really is.


An irregular feature

I said this wouldn't be a regular feature.


Still on Pacific Standard Time

A couple links in case the cartoon doesn't make sense.

They may not help.



Snowy Wednesday

Still not much going on here, but I thought you might like another cartoon.


Cold and rainy Tuesday

It's almost like I never left the Northwest!

And in completely unexpected news, I seem to have a class for this spring. I'm glad, but quite surprised, to be teaching again.


Back in Indiana

...and still looking for a job.