Unscheduled interuption

In addition to the various other things I've been trying out lately - when I find the time between work and applying for jobs in Central New York - I've also been working on collages.

These aren't part of a larger series, at least not yet, although both of them suggest a story that I haven't been told.




Hm, this started out as an exercise to get me to draw/paint every day... and that seems to be failing.

The reasons for it failing are good, though: I'm back to painting (houses) more or less full time, is more lucrative than my art (for the time being, at least) - and I've gotten a firm job offer up in Rochester (which is not Syracuse, but is a lot closer than Roanoke). Which is to say, I've been busy doing things that are productive, although not as restorative as doodling.