Second post

Well, the second post for September, and at this rate the last one as well.

My biggest news is that my supervisor asked me if I had considered being a supervisor - something I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have asked if he didn't think I could do it. So, that's a strong vote of confidence. But other than that I've just been busy, and the cartoons are few and far between (except when they're really dark - this one isn't so bad, but based on a true story).

At some point I need to revisit the "self-care for trauma helpers" guide. Probably not tonight, though.


Falling behind

So it's already mid-September, and I haven't been posting as much as I had hoped. Part of the problem is a lousy internet connection at my apartment (there's supposed to be a wireless network throughout the building, but I have to go sit in the basement to actually get a signal) - but honestly, most of it is just being tired. I haven't even drawn a cartoon in a while, even though I've had several ideas (most of which are admittedly pretty dark - not that I won't draw and post them at some point).
I have been painting, although obviously not working too hard on my photography - I need to take that more seriously if I want to reopen my etsy shop. And I think that's all I'm going to say for now.