Thursday Evening

Dinner guest (who already knows I'm a hippy)  - should be a pleasant evening.


Wednesday Night

Not the evening I imagined, but not bad.


Sunday before the storm...

Still waiting to hear back to see if I need to write two short book reports sometime before Thursday...



I don't have much to say at the moment - trying to get out of a writing assignment that would have to be finished in a couple days, and also trying to get started on a much, much larger writing project that would potentially take the next year to complete. I may talk about one or both at some point, but for now, just a cartoon.


I was listening, listening to the rain...

...I was hearing, hearing something else.

A cartoon for your Sunday afternoon.
It's even biblically accurate.


Throwback Tuesday

You've probably figured out by now that I more or less just post old drawings as I find them, without regard to the day of the week.

But seriously, you need to watch this movie.