I'm better now

I'm not sure how to describe this exactly: it was something I did for another picture (which I may or may not have posted). It's a drawing on a puzzle - and what you have is a picture of the drawing on the puzzle, taken partway apart.  It mostly lives in a box, put together, but the whole point of the cartoon on a puzzle was to take it apart.

Anyhow, it reflected how I felt at the time, and while I still conceptually like the idea, it's not how I feel these days. 


Better picture of an older picture

I've posted this before, but I was going through old drawings and paintings and found this, and thought I could give you a better version. More to come, and hopefully some more cartoons in the next week or so.



My copy of the Portable Nietzsche fell apart many, many years ago; since some of the books are included in their entirety - such as Nietzsche's late polemic, The Antichrist (the title is more ambiguous in German than it seems to be in English). Anyhow, I took the pages of that book (translated by Walter Kaufmann) and made my own cover. I recently rediscovered it while (finally) organizing my books.


Throwback Monday

I ran across this while organizing my books: the "cover illustration" and working title for my manuscript (the title is from to Robert Solomon).

That's all for today.