All Hallow's Eve

Actually, around here the kids went out begging last night. The cats were not amused. We bought an absurd amount of candy, and handed out most of it.


A cartoon about a dinosaur

[The previous content of this post has been removed from this blog]


Funeral Friday

I have two funerals today; I didn't know either of the people very well, but it's part of my job. I don't mind it too much, but it's an odd thing to find myself doing - certainly not what I would have anticipated ten years ago when I first started seriously thinking about seminary. 

This is a cartoon from our last team meeting.


Old Joke

I don't know why this popped into my head a few days ago - not quite with this image in mind - but I stumbled across it a second time on a blog that checks popular quotes.

Speaking of which, I have a new favorite website that I'm sure I'll forget about pretty quickly, but may be handy next time I see some inspirational nonsense on Facebook.


Hump Day

My meeting was cancelled today, giving me a bit more than I usually have on Wednesdays. However, I still have deadlines.


Funky jazz!

I just realized that I can put the record player back together, which I'm hoping means I can finally listen to Francis Albert Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim. You can just enjoy this cartoon.


Sorry for the absence

I've been trying to post regularly this year, and it's gone okay... but I've been collecting a lot of cartoon ideas without taking the time to sit down and draw them (as minimal as my drawings my be most of the time).
Anyhow, here's the first of four posts for the week, and maybe more.