Sundae Funnies

This probably won't be a regular feature of this blog.


Pass with Care

I don't actually draw while I'm driving, but I get ideas for drawings while I drive. This came to me in West Virginia, while I was following behind a pokey car for miles and miles and miles...
You may also notice that I've updated the layout. This new layout has two things that I really like. First, it shows who posted which cartoon, which hasn't been clear before. Second, it shows the time of the last update for the blogs I read. (I've also updated the header, but that may change with my mood.)


Monday... oops, Wednesday

Not much going on with me, and I'm losing track of the days.

This painting is part of a series I did earlier this summer. I was reminded of them after attending a production of "Oklahoma!" this past weekend, where the sky and the landscape was portrayed as a quilt.

That's not quite what I'm doing here, of course.


"Il n'y a pas de hors-texte."

I haven't been reading Derrida lately (that is, I haven't lost my mind completely), but I ran across this phrase after talking to a friend about a class... it's a long, pointless story, and while I have the capacity for vast rambling monologues, I'll just quote Tony Domestico, who translates it as, "there is nothing outside the text or, more literally, there is no outside-text."

I've been reading John Sanford's book, Evil, while I wait to hear back from jobs. It's not particularly well written (and I'm happy to elaborate if there is interest), but it hasn't been a particularly successful job search, either. I'm particularly irritated at a mid-sized university in the Mid-Atlantic region, who shall remain nameless because I may file a complaint about their sloppiness.
I don't like feeling jerked around.


Govy Electron Music

"I have a feeling that tonight you're going to see one of the Riviera's most fascinating sights," said Frances Stevens to John Robie.

To preempt comments and/or phone calls, the title is taken from the closed-captioning of a commercial, which presumably was supposed to read, "Groovy Electronic Music."
And I've been watching Hitchcock's "To Catch a Thief," which I've enjoyed greatly.