If it's Tuesday, this must be Richmond

It's good to be back, but also odd: everything has shifted ever so slightly. In many respects it's like I never left, but... something feels off. But, as I said, it's good to be back, at least for the time being.


I know it's the equinox...

But I feel like Frosty the Snowman:

"Frosty the Snowman had to hurry on his way,
But he waved goodbye, saying don't you cry,
I'll be back again someday."

But I didn't get a blowout while driving down the interstate (this time), so there was no "thumpity thump thump," luckily.


Rained Out

I won't be painting today, at least not outside at Towers Mall. (Both of these are old articles, and the traffic problems have been addressed.)
Given that I dropped my phone into a bucket of paint yesterday, that might be a good thing. I doubt the manufacturer would approve of me digging paint out of the keypad with my 5-in-1.


My latest painting

For some reason, people always guess wrong when I tell them I've been painting. When I've been busy with my pen and inks, they assume I'm painting a house; when I'm house painting, they assume I'm working with my pen and inks (or acrylics, or oils...).
Just so there's no confusion, I offer an example of my recent work. I'll admit the influence of Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko, but don't tell James.