If you haven't been keeping up with the weather in the Portland (OR) metro area, we're currently experiencing the worst winter storm in... well, they're not really sure. Awhile.
Certainly remarkable for December: the heavier snow tends to come much later in the season.


Caption Contest!

If the New Yorker can do it, why can't I?
(That's a rhetorical question)


Out and about (updated)

A visit to the museum for a rainy Friday afternoon.

(Still mulling over Churchland, but I doubt anyone is really interested.)
I'm still experimenting with regard to how to get accurate pictures to post; the one on the right [or on the bottom, depending on your screen] was scanned in, whereas I used a camera for the one of the left [or, on top]. The scanned image has the advantage of being square (among other things), but the one on the left captures the colors more accurately (although I'll admit that both were digitally tweaked).
Although I like developing Miro's world beyond the bare-bones black and white images, these are challenges I wasn't really expecting.


Small Potatoes

Not much to say this morning--unless you're still waiting on the rant about Churchland.  

I may yet post that, but not this morning.