Painting in Virginia

"He'll think about paint and he'll think about glue, what a jolly boring thing to do"


Almost Finished

These are cell phone snapshots of a work in progress; I haven't been drawing many straighforward cartoons lately.

When I haven't been painting, I've been filing charges for academic dishonesty against some of the students of my last class. I keep reminding myself that this was a really good class, prior to the grading of the final exam, and that some of my best students at this particular school have been nursing students. I am still pretty irritated, not least by the fact that I've gotten my final paycheck, I don't know when--or where--I'll be teaching again, and I can't be finished with this last semester. I just want to be done.

Maybe tomorrow.
The painting--"Jungle Miro"--is already finished, but I still haven't come up with a way to get a decent photo of my non-cartoon work. Perhaps a cell phone camera isn't really the right way to go.


Thinking about stuff

'Cause you know, stuff's important.
Among other things, wondering why people object to a potential tax hike with regard to health care reform, since--this seems to be the thing that everyone forgets--the health insurance premiums will either go down or disappear entirely.
There could be a net gain, if we do it right.
If you're going to whine about something, whine about high health insurance premiums that pay for bureaucrats to deny coverage to people who might get sick, and to deny claims for their customers who do get sick.