Softly, as in a morning sunrise

Ever wonder what to do with the ubiquitous cardboard inserts that Amazon shipments have inside their boxes?
(The title of the portrait of Mr. Miro comes from a song on this album.)



I haven't been painting houses this week; mostly I've been looking for a job in Syracuse.

Also, I've been painting various pictures, and it occurred to me that although I have assumed that I could do something largish because of my (ahem) artistic experience combined with my practical experience painting houses. I've never tried it before, though.

You may recognize the cup from a picture I posted earlier this week; that one was done with acrylics on a 9 1/2" x 12 1/2" piece of paper, whereas this (mostly) latex on a 2' x 2' birch panel. That seems true enough to Pop principles - simple and familiar image, taken out of context and enlarged, using commercial media. Not really that large compared to a lot of Pop art, but it's much larger than anything else I've painted in a long time.

Now, if I could just focus my obsessiveness on something more productive...

01/02/10 Update: here's the "better picture," and I decided to leave both up so you can get a sense of the picture:

Another in the series, such as it is.


More pictures

In addition to painting (that is, when I'm not house painting), I'm also working to get better photographs of my pictures. (Also, looking for jobs in Syracuse, NY, writing an introduction to informal fallacies, playing with Hank, etc.)

Anyhow, I didn't paint all of these today, but the photos came out better than those I'd taken before. Which is not to say that they couldn't be better, but the lighting is good and they weren't taken with a cell phone camera. More to follow!


And another

At some point I intend to post some more cartoons, but this is what I've been working on today.



I haven't finished any cartoons in a long, long time - I've been jotting down ideas and sometimes sketching them out, but haven't gotten to the point of inking them. But I have been painting.