10010 or, Inappropriate reading materials?

Car repair: I took Hauerwas' A Cross-Shattered Church. Intended to be hopeful, the final bill was several hundred dollars.
DMV: Kafka's The Castle. Supposed to be ironic, but they sent me away because my papers weren't in order.




Update: B'Yo! pointed out that "Q" could also be for Quaker, or for quacker (quack quack quack).

Or I could have had Q stand for "Quelle," and left the picture blank (or perhaps just muddy). I'm still self-amused by my singing "tryin' hard to recreate what had yet to be created" in class in response to this book.

Who knew that "Q" would be such a popular letter? Well, not in Denmark: according to Wikipedia, they "abolished the letter in 1872, although it's still part of the alphabet." If it's still part of the alphabet, then it sounds as if they didn't really abolish it - unless you're talking about some sort of Hegelian Aufhebung, which would surprise me since it happened after Kierkegaard.

What were we talking about again?


Sorry for the delay: 15

My owl looks a little worse for wear, but part of executing this series has been deliberately working quickly - if I fussed over every picture, I'd never get going.


Twelfth in a series

Part of the idea with the series is just to make sure I do something every day, but sometimes I just go too fast and things get wonky.