Back to School (not for me, of course)

A shout out to all the English teachers out there - Imma rooting for ya!



Anthony Hopkins Day (or something like that, I forget who this day is named after)

Inspired by true events!
(Even if I know what I'm talking about, it doesn't always need to be explained; that is, I need to gauge my audience's knowledge of a particular issue before proceeding.)


Humid Tuesday Evening

Trying to get caught up on my cartoon ideas, but that may mean that there's less text to accompany them - lucky you!


Inspired by True Events!

This is actually a quote from Team Meeting last week, one of the social workers paraphrasing what seemed to be happening with one of our clients. 

This isn't a job where I get a lot of (non-morbid, non-blasphemous) cartoons ideas!


Thursday already?

The week has somehow flown by, but I will briefly tell the story I alluded to last time.

I bought a "new" CD: Cheap Trick, at Budokan, and was listening to it with my wife (who was unfamiliar with it). I was reminiscing about listening to this as a junior-highschooler, and she asked what I thought me-in-the-early-eighties would think if "he" could see me now. 

I think I would have been happy to see that I had a pretty wife, and a nice house. I would probably have been happy to know that I had a PhD and had written a book, even if the book got mixed reviews (no link!). I would have been surprised to learn that I was working as a hospice chaplain, although that's more difficult to gauge: as I've said before (somewhere, I'm sure), my family wasn't very religious when I was growing up, but at some point I developed a curiosity about mystical traditions (mostly Sufi and Taoist, Buddhism came much later). I have more thoughts on that point which I might write out later. 

But the thing that would have surprised me the most? Ohio. It still kinda surprises me. 


Long Sunday

I was going to write a fairly long post about listening to my newest CD, but it's already been a long day and I'd rather draw than write right now. 

So that gives you something to look forward to - both a drawing (at some point in the future) and a story about me listening to a CD. For now, here's a cartoon inspired by true events!