Another day...

There's lots more where these came from.

Like it or not!


Half Day

It's been a hard morning at work. Well, not really. I'm leaving anyhow - I deserve it!


Hard Day's Night

In class at the hospital today after a night of being on call... well, home for lunch at the moment, which makes it difficult to contemplate going back, even if I don't have to see any more patients today.

On the plus side, I'm reminded of seminary, in that I'm using a break from class to post cartoons that I've drawn in class. Woo hoo!


Back at work again

Obscure? Wouldn't be the first time


Happy Easter!

So, not the cheeriest Easter cartoon. 

Sue me.


Holy Saturday

As my regular readers know, many of my cartoons are not just based in real life, but use actual quotes. This one is from a student I had a while back. It was disappointing at the time, since I thought they'd like Nietzsche.
I've since learned.


Good Friday

Well not as good as it might be, since I'm on call tonight. "Holy Saturday" will probably feel about right - all day at the hospital.

Counting the days!


Premium Subscribers Get Better Cartoons!

Well that's just a lie, and you know it. 

You always get my best.



Woden's Day

So why is there no "Loki's Day"?
Not writing anything more today, just a cartoon - with the promise of a cartoon tomorrow.


Snow Day

I probably ought to write more, but for today you just get a cartoon - based on actual events!



I've heard various versions of this story, but they're mostly associated with the Chinese (because horses weren't introduced into the Americas until relatively recently). Anyhow, here's a version, and that's the reference for the first cartoon.

In any case, I have a lot of cartoon ideas that I'm jotting down but not completing cartoons for - hopefully I can get back in the habit of drawing again soon. As always, there's a lot more I could say, but you know, whatever.